Foliar Fertilizers: a Sustainable Alternative to Optimize Stone Fruit and Citrus Fruit Tree Production

Agricultural production, Plant nutrition
26 May 2023
tractor en cultivo de frutales pulverizando abono foliar

Foliar fertilizers have become an increasingly popular option among farmers because this technique, in addition to being a sustainable and environmentally-friendly alternative, allows the plant to absorb nutrients more efficiently, increasing crop yield and quality. But what are foliar fertilizers exactly and why is their use recommended in agriculture? In this article, we will analyze the general advantages of applying foliar fertilizers and their benefits in stone fruit and citrus fruit crops.

What are foliar fertilizers and why are they so effective in citrus fruit and stone fruit tree production?

Foliar fertilizers are a type of fertilizers that are applied directly to the leaves of plants, promoting the foliar absorption of nutrients. This helps improve their development and increase their production.

This technique also makes it possible to combine nutrients to meet the specific needs of each crop. Furthermore, using this type of fertilizers has many advantages for crops in general, such as their high flexibility of use, since they can be applied at any stage of plant growth.

And what are the advantages of applying foliar fertilizers to stone fruit and citrus fruit crops? In addition to those mentioned above, in this type of crop they improve fruit quality (increasing fruit size and weight, as well as their flavor, aroma and texture) and plant health, making them more resistant to diseases and pests.

Foliar fertilizers in stone fruit trees: how can they increase production?

Stone fruit trees are a type of crop that is characterized by requiring special care to ensure optimal production. In this respect, foliar fertilizers help improve yields, since their use has been shown to significantly increase fruit size, improve fruit quality and increase sugar content.

Moreover, as mentioned at the beginning of this article, foliar fertilizers can help prevent diseases in stone fruit trees. These fertilizers help provide nutrients to the leaves, improving their health and strengthening the plant’s defense mechanisms. This contributes to improving crop resistance to different types of stresses such as drought or frost.

For the best results in the application of foliar fertilizers in stone fruit trees, it is advisable to apply them during the vegetative development stage of the plant, as well as at times of high nutritional demand, such as flowering or fruit formation.

Thanks to our advanced Manni-Plex technology, BRANDT has developed a specialized line of foliar application products adapted to the needs of this type of crop. We are talking about products such as Manni-Plex K, a patented nutritional foliar supplement that provides highly mobile potassium, available at the growing points of the plant. Or BRANDT Manni-Plex B Molly, a boron and molybdenum foliar fertilizer that is highly effective during the flowering and fruiting stage of stone fruit crops.

Foliar fertilizers in citrus fruit trees: how can they increase production?

cultivo de limonero de abonado foliar

In the case of citrus fruit crops, such as oranges, lemons, mandarins, grapefruit, etc., the use of foliar fertilizers increases their alcohol sugar content, improves fruit quality, increases their vitamin C content and size and improves their appearance, giving them a brighter color.

Foliar fertilizers also increase water use efficiency in citrus fruit crops, (reducing hydric stress) and improve resistance to diseases and pests.

Our Manni-Plex technology can also be a great ally to optimize citrus fruit tree production. For example, with Manni-Plex Mn-Zn, zinc and manganese absorption in citrus fruit trees can be enhanced by providing these minerals in highly mobile and available forms at the growing points.

Furthermore, BRANDT InVigo, our powerful foliar biostimulant, contains proline, an amino acid that acts as an effective protective and growth promoting agent in crops. InVigo improves the health and productivity of citrus fruit trees, increasing their resistance to different types of abiotic stresses and promoting proline accumulation, which strengthens the natural defenses of plants and contributes to higher fruit quality.

For the best results in citrus fruit crops, it is advisable to apply them during the flowering and fruit setting stages, and at times of high nutritional demand, such as the formation of new leaves and the sprouting of branches. Foliar fertilizers have become one of the best sustainable alternatives to optimize stone fruit and citrus fruit tree production and improve crop yields and fruit quality. That’s why BRANDT offers you a wide range of products to meet all the nutritional needs of your crops and optimize your yield. Have you tried them yet?