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Bodega con abonos de la tecnología manni-plex

BRANDT Manni-Plex: Bio-resilient Foliar Nutrition Against Climate Change

BRANDT Manni-Plex has been used for more than two decades worldwide, proving that its innovative technology, based on sugars-alcohols (sorbitol and others), enhances the plant’s resilience in dealing with stressful situations. During significant climatic changes, stress from lack of water and salinity is the most important abiotic factor limiting crop production in drought-affected areas. In […]

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fosforo en los cultivos y su importancia

The importance of phosphorus in agriculture: essential nutrients

Phosphorus, in agriculture, is one of the most important essential nutrients to ensure the growth and health of your crops.

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How potassium in plants defines the quality of your crops: essential nutrients

We’ll tell you why it’s essential to control the appropriate levels of potassium in plants to increase your yield and quality.

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Video: BRANDT Smart System, intelligent foliar nutrition

BRANDT Smart System is our unique technology adapted to the EU market that improves plant health and crop yield. It is an intelligent foliar nutrition technology that removes the need for irrigation and puts an end to the common disadvantages of herbicides such as the yellowing and deterioration of crops, increasing production while also improving […]

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What makes our foliar fertilizers so unique?

Our company is continuously researching and innovating in the field of plant nutrient delivery systems. Under certain conditions, foliar fertilization has important advantages over soil application. However, it is important for foliar fertilizers to meet certain parameters. Solubility is a key element, as is their capacity for absorption and translocation to the sites of metabolization. […]