Keys to Agriculture Resilience to Climate Change at the II BRANDT Technical Workshops

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29 September 2023
soluciones para la agricultura contra el cambio climático jornadas técnicas

For the second consecutive year, the BRANDT technical workshop took place on 12 and 13 September. The event began with a series of conferences on the effects of climate change on agriculture. Through these, we explored the main consequences of global warming on crops and some solutions based on success stories of recovery of agricultural productivity through the use of BRANDT biostimulants. Finally, we enjoyed the participation of the Patrulla Águila, which, once again, closed the event to the delight of the attendees with a guided tour of its headquarters in San Javier and a memorable aerobatic display.

  1. Solutions to Climate Change in Agriculture: First Day of the II BRANDT Technical Workshops
  2. Visit to the General Air Academy and air exhibitions: second day of the II BRANDT Technical Workshops

Solutions to Climate Change in Agriculture: First Day of the II BRANDT Technical Workshops

This first day of the conference was dedicated to sharing and discussing possible solutions for application in agriculture in the face of climate change. The initial discussion of the session was presented by journalist Óscar Gómez, with a presentation that compared plant intelligence with emotional intelligence. Next, the journalist José Antonio Arcos took over from his colleague with a talk that served to deepen the concept of agricultural resilience and its importance in mitigating the effects of climate change in the countryside. As a complement to this talk, the consultant José Luis Virosa intervened, providing his vision on the impact of agricultural legislation on the use of sustainable plant nutrition.

Once the bases were established on the importance of the adaptation of agriculture to climate change, a phenomenon also known as agricultural resilience, and the applicable regulations that must be taken into account, it was time to introduce strategies related to the current rules to promote that resilience. This presentation, led by our plant nutrition expert José Yánez, focused on the display of success stories derived from the use of BRANDT InVigo and products from the BRANDT Manni-Plex range, in which the recovery of agricultural productivity was achieved.

The first success story was based on the results obtained after using BRANDT Manni-Plex Ca on a ploughing plantation. This plantation had an initial rot of 20% which, after applying the biostimulant on this crop, decreased the percentage of rotten ploughs to 1%, despite the fact that this harvest had suffered a recent episode of torrential rains that triggered the appearance of the Botrytis fungus, also known as Grey Rot.

Another case of success in the fight against climate change in agriculture, shared by the plant health expert, focused on the recovery of a melon plantation. After an episode of haze and extreme drop in temperatures that caused this crop to be considered lost, BRANDT InVigo was applied. A rapid recovery of the plant’s curdling began, avoiding the loss of the harvest and increasing the number of pieces produced by up to 20% compared to previous years.

This day, we also featured valuable contributions from representatives of agricultural companies, including Antonio Martín de Geotropic, Luis Carlos Martínez de Fitourci, and José Bellver de Benibal Agro. The final touch of this first day was a round table, moderated by Óscar Gómez, entitled ‘How to address change?’, dedicated to the definition of strategies to reduce or suppress the effects of climate change on crops by stimulating agricultural resilience.

Visit to the General Air Academy and air exhibitions: second day of the II BRANDT Technical Workshops

solutions to fight climate change in agriculture

After a first day with climate change and agriculture as the principal axes, it was time to end the second edition of BRANDT’s technical conferences in style. And who better than the Patrulla Águila to perform this task?

Our collaborators in the Defense sector were in charge of livening up this second day, which began with a guided tour of the General Air Academy, located in the base of San Javier, Murcia. There, our hosts, in addition to showing the facilities and guiding us through their aeronautical museum, shared their daily lives as pilots and flight teachers at the General Air Academy. In addition to sharing these experiences, they allowed us to end the II BRANDT Technical Workshop from above with an unforgettable aerobatic exhibition.

Would you like to be part of this experience? Don’t miss our video summary of the conference.