BRANDT Manni-Plex: Bio-resilient Foliar Nutrition Against Climate Change

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17 February 2023
Bodega con abonos de la tecnología manni-plex

BRANDT Manni-Plex has been used for more than two decades worldwide, proving that its innovative technology, based on sugars-alcohols (sorbitol and others), enhances the plant’s resilience in dealing with stressful situations.

During significant climatic changes, stress from lack of water and salinity is the most important abiotic factor limiting crop production in drought-affected areas. In particular, Manni-Plex technology acts against different types of plant stress associated with the adverse effects of climate change in agriculture. High temperatures, drought, salinity, and frost are the most common, especially during the early flowering phase.

Why are BRANDT Manni-Plex Foliar Fertilisers Ideal for A “Bio-resilient” Farming Model?

Scientific studies have shown that sorbitol, a component in our foliar fertilisers, acts differently from other anti-stress molecules. This is because it is an osmolyte, a photosynthetic carbohydrateusually synthesised by numerous plant species in the same proportions as sucrose. Sorbitol does not degrade like sucrose in the event of stress because its accumulation increases when the plants are exposed to drought and salinity. Therefore, increasing the cellular accumulation of sorbitol and mannitol in the plant is vital to relieve osmotic stress, which also acts in a quick and stable way. That’s precisely what Manni-Plex technology does:

  • It naturally stimulates the physiological functions of the plant.
  • It enhances the genetic expression that activates the plant response.
  • It strengthens the plant against stress, enhancing photosynthesis and respiration.
  • It improves stress resistance, as foliar fertilisers are soluble and osmo-protective metabolites.
  • It protects the plant against oxidative stress.
  • It establishes the enzymatic mechanisms for detoxifying herbicides and the rest of the phytosanitary products.

Bio-resilience in plants is the ability to resist stress and recover and reactivate all its physiological and vital functions produced by climatic, oxidative, and physiological changes.

The nutrients react with the sorbitol in BRANDT Manni-Plex foliar fertilisers and become mobile. This allows the plant to recognise nutrients as if it had produced them naturally and transport them through the phloem directly to the flowers and fruits without entailing an extra energy expenditure.

This process allows the plant to recover more quickly after abiotic stress or climatic adversity.

In this new climatic era that we are going through, in which crops suffer from drought and salinity, it is essential to maintain and recover productivity closely linked to plants’ health and physiological functions. This is the goal that bio-resilient nutrition aims to achieve. The best allies to cope with the effects of climate change in agriculture are BRANDT products because, as opposed to what happens with traditional products, thanks to their polyols, they add physiological functions against stress in addition to nutritious ones, providing speed.

Manni-Plex: Foliar Fertilisers that Increase Post-harvest Life

The use of BRANDT Manni-Plex Calcium as a foliar fertiliser contributes to greater:

  • Levels of total calcium and bound Ca (Ca pectate) directly in fruit and inflorescences, reducing the flow of flowers and fruits.
  • Consistency of the pulp and increases post-harvest life.

This has been proven in various tests and trials. As an example, we will talk about a test carried out in Almeria on “Catalan table tomato,” which received four applications of the foliar fertiliser from the third fruitful stage, observing the following results:

  1. Decreased fruit rot.
  2. Increased post-harvest life.
  3. Increase in the average weight of the fruit and the colour.

Results of the BRANDT Manni-Plex Ca Tests in Almeria on “Catalan table tomato”

In the greenhouse area where BRANDT Manni-Plex Ca was used as foliar fertiliser (four applications), the disappearance of the Blossom End Root (peseta) was observed in front of the controls in which this type of necrosis arose.

Increased post-harvest shelf life

Increased shelf life to 15 and 30 days

In summary, the recent climate changes and their effects on agriculture require a resilient approach to address and resolve forms of stress that are much more critical than traditional ones, which are capable of considerably reducing the quality and quantity of production.

The BRANDT technology, with its bio-resilient strategy, responds to the need of the plant to create a system of reinforcement and defence against stress and to the demands of the farmer to always be able to count on sustainable and quality productions.