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Fertilizer for strawberries: keep crop pests and diseases under control

Are you looking for a fertilizer for your strawberries that helps you keep pests and diseases under control this season? This fruit is, in actual fact, an infructescence; a composition of smaller fruits joined together in a fleshy receptacle forming an aggregate fruit or polyachene. While it is one of the most productive and easy-to-grow […]

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How potassium in plants defines the quality of your crops: essential nutrients

We’ll tell you why it’s essential to control the appropriate levels of potassium in plants to increase your yield and quality.


We are committed to the greater web accessibility of our website

As you already know, at BRANDT we have revamped our corporate website. Thanks to its more modern look and the quicker and improved browsability of our product catalogue, you’ll be able to find the product you need in just a few clicks. And, of course, it now has greater web accessibility so you can access […]


BRANDT has launched a new corporate website and has updated its online product catalogue

We’ve launched a new corporate website and updated our online product catalogue.

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foto grupal de asistentes a la jornada técnica de agricultores de brandt

Technical agriculture seminar in Murcia with the presentation of the benefits of using BRANDT Manni-Plex Ca on peppers

Presentation of the results on the use of Manni-Plex Ca on peppers at BRANDT’s technical agriculture seminar.

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BRANDT Europe will attend Fruit Attraction 2018

From 23 to 25 October, BRANDT Europe will attend Fruit Attraction 2018, which will be held at IFEMA, Madrid (Pavilion no. 8, stand 8B11B). Fruit Attraction, a global benchmark in the fresh fruit and vegetable suppliers sector, will celebrate its 10th anniversary this year under the slogan “Where Fresh Produce & Innovation meet”. At the […]


Jesús Molinero, an athlete sponsored by BRANDT Europe, Andalusian champion in the 100-meter sprint (Master 45)

Last weekend, Jesús Molinero, an athlete sponsored by BRANDT Europe, became the Andalusian champion in the 100-meter sprint (Master 45 category). Jesús thus continues with a great season, in which he also beat the Spanish record at the 60-meter European Championships, Master 45, finishing in sixth place. Previously, Jesús won a silver medal in the […]


Report in ABC about our Plant Start system

The ABC Newspaper recently took an interest in our Plant Start product, our biostimulant based on extracts of two different varieties of seaweeds that optimize plant transplanting, publishing a report in its print and digital editions. The report lists the main advantages of this system, which allows for the rapid multiplication of roots after transplanting, […]


Brandt Smart System

At its laboratory in Seville, Brandt Europe has developed a unique technology adapted to the EU market that improves plant health and crop yield. It is an intelligent foliar nutrition technology that removes the need for irrigation and puts an end to the common disadvantages of herbicides such as the yellowing and deterioration of crops, […]