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Vista de cosechas biorresilientes al cambio climático

70 Years Fighting the Effects of Climate Change on Crops Thanks to Bio-Resilience

2023 will be an exceptional year for BRANDT: we celebrate 70 years of helping farmers combat climate change through bio-resilience. Since 1953, when our founders, Glen Brandt and his sister Evelyn Brandt Thomas created the company, we have always maintained the same philosophy: investing in technology, innovation, and customer service to develop products that help […]

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Fertilizer for strawberries: keep crop pests and diseases under control

Are you looking for a fertilizer for your strawberries that helps you keep pests and diseases under control this season? This fruit is, in actual fact, an infructescence; a composition of smaller fruits joined together in a fleshy receptacle forming an aggregate fruit or polyachene. While it is one of the most productive and easy-to-grow […]

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Cold snap: BRANDT InVigo, your best ally against frosts

Winter has arrived in full force. A sharp drop in temperatures, rain, snow, frost… BRANDT Europe’s greatest aspiration is always to help farmers, whatever the challenge they may face or the problem they may have. That is why, when the weather is harsh, the cold is upon us, and in general for the whole winter, […]