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fosforo en los cultivos y su importancia

The importance of phosphorus in agriculture: essential nutrients

Phosphorus, in agriculture, is one of the most important essential nutrients to ensure the growth and health of your crops.

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BRANDT AminoPlex, our bio-activator that reduces plant stress and increases production

Here is an educational video about our product BRANDT AminoPlex, a bio-activator that reduces plant stress in circumstances such as storms, hailstorms or extreme temperature changes. And, most importantly, it increases production. Top quality amino acids combined with our Manni-Plex technology! BRANDT Europe

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BRANDT® InVigo= -less investment +yield

In this animated video, you can discover directly how BRANDT InVigo contributes to improved fruit set, size and quality. It shows how this technology optimizes rooting, flowering and final production. The result: less investment and greater yield! BRANDT Europe