What makes our foliar fertilizers so unique?

News, Plant nutrition
29 May 2020

Our company is continuously researching and innovating in the field of plant nutrient delivery systems.

Under certain conditions, foliar fertilization has important advantages over soil application. However, it is important for foliar fertilizers to meet certain parameters. Solubility is a key element, as is their capacity for absorption and translocation to the sites of metabolization. Applying micronutrients to a plant does not ensure their absorption or uptake. Brandt’s technology is specifically aimed at improving absorption efficiency and we carry out continuous research on how to improve nutrient delivery to the plant.

One of our lines is formulated to provide micronutrients to the growing points of the plant. It is a unique blend of sugar alcohols with a very small molecular size, capable of penetrating through more trans-cuticular pores and stomata than any other product. As a result, the plant considers our chemical substance as a natural ingredient, allowing it to easily penetrate the phloem, effectively delivering more nutrients. This technology enables the excellent absorption and translocation of different elements (B, Zn, Mn, Ca, Mg, K) in all plant species.