BRANDT® AMINO GH ZMF is a unique bio-activating and nutritional specialty product composed of:

A high-quality amino acid component with a prevalence of free amino acids and basal short-chain peptides to express the physiological, pseudo-hormonal and anti-stress bio-activating activity at the highest level.

It contains a high amount of very specific amino acids: proline, hydroxyproline, glutamic acid and glycine, which are highly effective in the case of climatic, saline and hydric stress.

A component based on BRANDT® glucoheptonates where the heptagluconic acid is complexed with the photosynthesis activating microelements, increasing the plant’s resistance to climatic stress.

Falcon™️ Plus V

Aminoácidos de origen vegetal con NPK y microelementos, que actúa con efecto bioestimulante, antiestrés, regulador nutricional , así como activador de flora microbiana y mejorador de la estructura de suelos.

fertilizante natural algar duo

BRANDT® Algar™ Duo

BRANDT® Algar™ Duo is a special formulation of natural biostimulant based on seaweed extracts that contains a multitude of active components, including: alginates, mannitol, fucans, polyphenols, amino acids and nutrients, as well as other substances that act with a hormonal effect. 

BRANDT® Algar™️ Max

BRANDT® ALGAR MAX™ is an organic biostimulant specifically designed with seaweed extracts of Ecklonia maxima that contains a wide variety of vitamins, minerals, enzymes, amino acids, and phytohormones, the latter in a high concentration, highlighting among them indoleacetic acid, an auxin that is characterized by stimulating cell elongation. 

Falcon Humic

FALCON™ Humic is a natural biostimulant composed of the plant and microbial organic matter of which humus is comprised. It is an NPK solution, i.e., its main nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, made from high quality raw material together with microelements that are essential during the transplanting and rooting stage, enriched with humic and fluvic acids.

Falcon V

FALCON™ V is a natural biostimulant for crops that increases their vigour and boosts their resistance to abiotic stress and diseases.

BRANDT® Algar™ Plus™

BRANDT® Algar™ Plus™ is an organic biostimulant composed of seaweed extracts that helps plants to overcome the most critical phases during their growth, especially when subjected to different types of stress.

BRANDT® Algar™

BRANDT® Algar™ is an organic biostimulant composed of highly purified seaweed extracts that can be applied to arable, woody and ornamental crops.