Falcon Humic

FALCON™ Humic is a natural biostimulant composed of the plant and microbial organic matter of which humus is comprised. It is an NPK solution, i.e., its main nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium, made from high quality raw material together with microelements that are essential during the transplanting and rooting stage, enriched with humic and fluvic acids.

Marketing Area: Spain

Packaging: 1 L, 5 L, 20 L

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FALCON Humic's high nutrient content gives crops some of the following properties:

  • Increase the number and size of the roots.
  • Significantly reduces the shock effects of the transplant.
  • Solves situations of biotic, abiotic stress and senescence of the plant.
  • Increases the beneficial organisms of the soil.
  • Improves the structure and texture of the soil, increasing the cation exchange capacity.
  • Increase production.


Acelga, Achicoria, Aguacate, Ajo, Albaricoque, Alcachofa, Alfalfa, Algodón, Almendra, Almendro, Apio, Arándano, Arroz, Avellana, Avena, Berenjena, Brócoli, Bulbos y raíces forrajeras, Calabaza, Canónigo, Caqui, Castaña, Cebada, Cebolla, Centeno, Cereza, Césped, Chalote, Chirimoya, Ciruela, Clavel, Col China, Col de Bruselas, Coliflor, Colza, Endivia, Escarola, Espárrago, Espinaca, Frambuesa, Fresa, Garbanzo, Girasol, Gramínea, Granada, Grosella, Guisante, Haba, Herbácea Ornamental, Hierbas aromáticas, Higo, Higo chumbo, Judía grano, Judía verde, Kiwi, Lechuga, Leguminosas forrajeras, Leñosa Ornamental, Lenteja, Lima, Lino, Lúpulo, Maíz, Mandarina, Mango, Manzano, Melocotón, Melón, Membrillo, Mora, Naranja, Narciso, Nectarina, Níspero, Nuez, Oliva, Palmácea Ornamental, Papaya, Patata, Pepino, Peral, Persimón, Pimiento, Piñón, Pistacho, Plátano, Pomelo, Puerro, Rábano, Remolacha azucarera, Remolacha de mesa, Repollo, Salsifíes, Sandía, Soja, Tabaco, Tomate, Trigo, Triticale, Viñas, Zanahoria, Zarzamora

Applications and use

FALCON ™ Humic is suitable for application in the early stages of cultivation to naturally promote root development and overall plant growth.

It is used in crops such as cereal crops, fruit crops (stone and pome fruits), horticultural crops, industrial crops, grapevines, forest nurseries, olive trees, forage crops, ornamental crops and other crops in general.

FALCON Humic is recommended for:

  • By fertigation to the ground, dissolved in irrigation water (10-15 liters/ha).
  • By spraying on the soil, applied to the transplant (200-300 cc/hL).
  • Soaked in a pre-transplant solution.


Nitrogen (N) Total: 3.3 %

  • Ureic Nitrogen: 3.3 % w/w

Water-soluble phosphorus pentoxide (P2O5): 3.0 % w/w

Water-soluble potassium oxide (K2O): 4.5 % w/w

Iron (Fe) soluble in water: 0.04% w/w

Water-soluble manganese (Mn): 0.1 % w/w

Water-soluble molybdenum (Mo): 0.05 % w/w

Water-soluble zinc (Zn): 0.05 % w/w

Humic extract total: 10.1 % w/w

  • Humic acids: 5.8 % w/w
  • Fulvic acids:4.3% w/w

Nutritional Composition

Fulvic Acids, Humic Acids, Amino Acids, Boron (B), Phosphorus (P), Manganese (Mn), Microelements, Nitrogen (N), NPK, Potassium (K), Zinc (Zn)