Nutritional Specialties

Optimize your agricultural production with our nutritional specialties, compounds to fill the nutritional deficiencies that appear in each of the phases of growth of a crop, and with our biostimulant products, substances that promote the growth and development of plants to, in turn, improve their resistance to adverse conditions such as droughts or pests.

Our nutritional specialties are divided into two broad product ranges: those based on ManniPlex ® Technology, which optimises the supply of micronutrients to the plant growth points accessed directly from the phloem and xylem, and those based on Smart System ® Technology, nutrients formulated to be used together with herbicides avoiding common incompatibilities derived from mixing both, such as crystallisations and gelling in the tank.

In our range of biostimulants you can find special biostimulant products to promote the first phases of growth of your crop, such as BRANDT ® Plant Start, whose components promote early growth and rooting and reduce transplant stress, and widely used biostimulants such as Falcon Humic, which increases the beneficial organisms of the soil, improving its structure and texture, while improving the absorption of nutrients from the plant and its root growth, and BRANDT ® Algar™ which improves adaptation to abiotic stresses, especially to saline, and stimulates the root and vegetative development of the plant.
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