BRANDT® Reaction S DS

Abono BRANDT Reaction S DS

BRANDT® Reaction S DS is a water-soluble fertilizer that improves availability in sulfur soil. It works by protecting the sulfate present in the soil through the shielding of its negative charges. This ionic protection of sulfur prevents its inactivation caused by the calcium present in the soil. It also contributes to a greater absorption of sulfur in the roots. This is because the sulfate ion, being more mobile in soil solution, moves towards the root similarly to nitrate, although more slowly, increasing the possibility of absorption around the roots. 

This sulfur-rich fertilizer is part of the special fertiliser included in the BRANDT® Reaction line, which contribute to: reducing the amount of fertilizer used compared to traditional fertilizers, improving the availability of nutrients present in the soil and preventing inactivations in essential macro and micro nutrients. 

This BRANDT technology improves the performance of nutrients such as phosphorus, potassium and sulfur in the soil through the shielding of their loads, preventing other elements present in the soil from immobilizing it, and improving the cation exchange capacity of the crop soils in which these fertilizers are applied. 

Marketing Area: Spain

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  • The combination of sulfate 100% available
  • Reduction of immobilized calcium in the soil
  • Greater solution mobility in the soil
  • Increase in sulphate incorporated into the plant


Chard, Chicory, Avocado, Garlic, Garlic, Apricot, Artichoke, Alfalfa, Cotton, Almond, Celery, Blueberry, Rice, Hazelnut, Oats, Aubergine, Broccoli, Bulbs and fodder roots, Pumpkin, Lamb's lettuce, Persimmon, Chestnut, Barley, Onion, Rye, Cherry, Grass, Shallot, Custard apple, Plum, Carnation, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Rape, Endive, Endive, Endive, Asparagus, Spinach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chickpea, Sunflower, Gramineae, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Pea, Fava bean, Ornamental herb, Herbs, Fig, Prickly pear, Grain bean, Green bean, Kiwi, Lettuce, Fodder legumes, Ornamental woody, Lentil, Lime, Flax, Hops, Maize, Mandarin, Mango, Apple, Peach, Melon, Quince, Blackberry, Orange, Narcissus, Nectarine, Loquat, Walnut, Olive, Ornamental Palm, Papaya, Potato, Cucumber, Pear, Persimmon, Pepper, Pineapple, Pistachio, Banana, Grapefruit, Leek, Radish, Sugar beet, Beetroot, Cabbage, Salsify, Watermelon, Soy, Tobacco, Tomato, Wheat, Triticale, Grapevines, Carrot, Blackberry

Applications and use

BRANDT® Reaction S DS use instructions

The dose to be applied will depend on the level of deficiency present in the crop, although if soil or leaf analysis is not available, the following doses are recommended:

  • Low sulfur deficiency: 2 - 5 Kg/ha
  • Moderate sulfur deficiency: 5-9 Kg/ha
  • Severe sulfur deficiency: 9-12 Kg/ha


Total Nitrogen (N): 21.0 %

  • 20.0% Nitrogen Ammonia
  • 1,0 % Ureic Nitrogen

Sulphur (S): 23.0 %

Algae extract: 1.2 %

Polysaccharides: 1.2 %

Humic Acids: 0.5 %

Nutritional Composition

Nitrogen (N), Sulphur (S)