Abono BRANDT Reaction S DS

BRANDT® Reaction S DS

BRANDT Reaction S DS is a water-soluble fertilizer that stimulates the availability of sulfur and nitrogen in the soil, improving its cation exchange capacity (CIC).

Abono hidrosoluble BRANDT Reaction K DS

BRANDT® Reaction K DS

BRANDT® Reaction K DS is a water-soluble fertiliser that improves the availability of potassium and nitrogen in the soil. It is very useful in clay-rich soils in which it prevents the fixation of potassium in the clay layers of the soil.

Abono rico en fósforo BRANDT Reaction P DS

BRANDT® Reaction P DS

BRANDT Reaction P DS is a special fertilizer, in the form of soluble crystals, which stimulates the availability of nitrogen and phosphorus in the soil of your crops.

BRANDT® GH for Vegetables

BRANDT® GH for Vegetables is an organic rich nutritional supplement designed to be the primary micronutrient supplement in any crop.



BRANDT® GH Zinc is an organic zinc-rich nutritional supplement designed to be the primary micronutrient supplement in any crop.

BRANDT® Manni-Plex® for Citrus

BRANDT® Manni-Plex for Citrus is a patented foliar supplement that provides highly mobile and available nutrients at the growing points of the plant.

Suplemento nutritivo ecológico de manganeso BRANDT Organiplex MN

BRANDT® Organiplex® Mn

BRANDT® Organiplex® Mn is an organic manganese-rich nutritional supplement developed from manganese amino acid complexes and sodium borate.

Suplemento nutritivo ecológico de hierro BRANDT Organiplex Fe

BRANDT® Organiplex® Fe

BRANDT® Organiplex® Fe is an organic iron-rich nutritional supplement developed from iron amino acid complexes.

Suplemento nutritivo ecológico de hierro, manganeso y zinc BRANDT Organiplex Micro-Mix

BRANDT® Organiplex® MicroMix

BRANDT® Organiplex® MicroMix is an organic nutritional supplement with iron, manganese and zinc developed from iron, manganese and zinc amino acid complexes.