How do five extra days in perfect condition affect the economic return of strawberries?

16 July 2019

We are not going to answer that question, because you can do the maths better than anyone else. You know perfectly well that the delay in the onset of fungi has a decisive influence on the economic return of this crop due to its high demand on foreign markets such as Germany, France and England and the narrow time frame available between when it is harvested and when it is placed on sale to the final consumer. What we will tell you is how to achieve those five additional days until the onset of fungi in strawberries.

The answer is a pioneering technology called Manni-Plex Calcium for foliar use. Unlike conventional foliar nutrients, BRANDT Europe has succeeded in complexing Calcium with sugars and alcohols that give the product a greater translocation capacity, while its small molecular size allows more calcium to be absorbed by the leaf and reach the cell wall. Therefore, thanks to this technology, the fruit remains in perfect condition for several more days, an extremely important factor for its transport to European markets and its duration on supermarket shelves.

In addition, this system strengthens other significant aspects of the fruit, providing greater homogeneity and extra category fruits, the most sought after and demanded by the foreign market.

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