Why is our smart system so smart?

14 June 2019

Smart System is an intelligent foliar nutrition technology that removes the need for irrigation and puts an end to the common disadvantages of herbicides such as the yellowing and deterioration of crops, increasing production while also improving plant health.

Its trade name, Smart, stems from its intelligent nature, as the product distinguishes between crops and weeds, protecting and nourishing the crop and leaving the herbicide to work perfectly against the weed, eliminating it, rather than protecting or nourishing it.

But what makes our Smart System so smart?

Basically, its nutrients are formulated with a protective barrier around them, preventing the metal from binding with the herbicide. Incompatible nutrients and herbicides that bind often lead to crystallisation and gelling in the tank, which can cause a number of application problems.

SMART SYSTEM helps prevent this from happening so that nutrients and herbicides can coexist in the tank without any issues.

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