We close 2019 with an export volume of 4.5 million

15 January 2020

In the past three years we have increased our technological muscle and our production capacity, we have diversified our commercial portfolio and, in general, we have expanded our boundaries, including and specifically our geographic boundaries. Our company, initially focused on the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), has now become an organization with a clear international vocation and outlook.

Our focus is on the entire EMEA market, and firm steps are being taken in this direction. The European Union is a priority and we are heavily invested in North Africa, South Africa and Turkey. We have also hired staff to enable us to offer our services in the post-Soviet states and are registering products in Russia, Romania and Poland.

All these efforts have already translated into specific results. We closed 2019 with an export volume of 4.5 million. Our foreign sales were also based on specialty products and, in many cases, involved the important participation of our laboratory in their design and adaptation to specific European legislation.