BRANDT® AminoPlex™️

BRANDT® AminoPlex is a biostimulant composed of high-quality amino acids with a balanced ratio of free amino acids and short-chain peptides, which stimulate defence processes against climatic, saline and hydric stress.

bioestimulante brandt invigo


BRANDT® InVigo is a biostimulant that maintains optimal levels of proline and glutathione in the plant, which are used as reinforcing factors against different types of stress: frost, temperature changes, water stress, saline solution. 

bioestimulante brandt biomaster

BRANDT® Biomaster

BRANDT® BIOMASTER is a special formulation of high value natural biostimulants and essential micronutrients for crops, applied at any time, from seed germination to just before harvesting.

BRANDT® Plant Start

BRANDT® Plant Start 8-31-4 is a phosphorus-rich solution formulated to stimulate root growth and help overcome stress conditions in plants. BRANDT® Plant Start Duo 8-31-4 is a formula that contains natural plant hormone precursors, natural plant amino acids, plant vitamins and anti-stress substances derived from seaweed extract from Ascophyllum Nodosum and Ecklonia maxima.