Three years later… a 6,000-ton increase in plant production

20 November 2019

2019 marked the third full year since the multinational Brandt chose our production plant in Carmona to establish its European subsidiary and serve the European, Middle Eastern and African markets (EMEA). Now is a good time to look back over our evolution from the former Tragusa to the new Brandt Europe, an evolution that bears witness to both our quantitative and qualitative growth at all levels: production capacity, employment and commercial portfolio.

Starting with the first of these areas, it is important to note that the plant’s production has increased from 9,000 tons in 2016 to the 15,000 tons with which we will close this financial year. Logically, this growth in production volume has been associated with an increase in the factory’s workforce, which has gone from 54 to 86 workers.