The international reach of the BRANDT brand

28 July 2019

Our company, BRANDT Europe, is the European, Middle Eastern and African subsidiary of a major international agricultural brand, BRANDT, whose products are sold in no less than 48 U.S. states and 45 countries, and which has more than 135 hectares of farms dedicated specifically to research and development.

BRANDT is known as one of the fastest growing family-owned companies in the United States. With a portfolio of over 250 products, international expansion is one of BRANDT’s strategic priorities at present.

The first milestone in Brandt’s international expansion was a joint venture with Fertinyect, S.A., with headquarters in Córdoba, established in 2014 for tree injection products. In 2015, Brandt purchased Target Brasil Fertilizantes Ltda. in Brazil, providing the company with its first overseas factory and a national sales force in that country. Then, in July 2016, it secured its most important international acquisition: the purchase of the assets of the now Brandt Europe (formerly Tragusa), which has provided Brandt with manufacturing capacity in Europe and access to new markets and products.