Specialty products now account for a quarter of our business

22 January 2020

In its first full year of operation, Brandt Europe’s turnover was 20.5 million. With a closing forecast this year of more than 24 million, in three years we will have registered turnover growth of 17%. But perhaps the most important aspect is that this growth has been sustained mainly in products with a higher added value and margin.

Sales of such products will reach six million in 2019 and will therefore account for almost a quarter of the company’s total business. All foreign exports are of specialty products and sales have also increased fivefold in the Iberian Peninsula. And this is the trend and our focus for the future. We will certainly not lose sight of our generic products, where we maintain a very strong position and somewhat continue to grow, but our strategic direction is towards the growth of specialty fertilizers and R&D-based products.