Smart System, our intelligent foliar nutrition technology, finalist in the F&V Industry category of the Accelera Innovation Awards at Fruit Attraction

21 October 2020

Our Smart System Technology was one of the 10 finalist products, out of a total of 160, in the F&V Industry (auxiliary industry) category of Accelera Innovation Awards at Fruit Attraction 2020. Our company was also the only one specialized in inputs.

The jury, coordinated by the Spanish Federation of Associations of Producers and Exporters of Fruits, Vegetables, Flowers and Live Plants, valued the product’s capacity for improving plant health and crop performance. The product entails an intelligent foliar nutrition technology that removes the need for irrigation and puts an end to the common disadvantages of herbicides such as the yellowing and deterioration of crops, increasing production while also improving plant health. Until now, micronutrients and herbicides could not be mixed in the same tank without compromising the effectiveness of the herbicide. The new technology makes them compatible and allows them to be mixed in the same tank and applied simultaneously.

The final winner will be announced on October 27th, after the representatives of each company defend their nomination before the jury at a telepresence-based event, broadcast live on Fruit Attraction’s LIVEConnect platform.