Presentation of the Manni-Plex technology (Italy)

3 March 2018

The Sicilian town of Marsala (Italy), an area very rich in vegetables, was the place chosen for a presentation of our new Manni-Plex range to more than 100 attendees. In this event we were accompanied by our delegate in Italy, Mauro Bonfiglioli.

Manni-Plex is a delivery system designed to provide micronutrients to the plant’s growing points and, unlike conventional products, is made with a unique blend of alcoholic sugars that provides, among other advantages, better leaf contact thanks to its wetting and adhering agents. It also provides greater initial absorption thanks to a smaller molecular size, a use compatible with pesticides and has the ability to provide nutrients directly to the phloem and xylem, being the only system on the market capable of doing so.