Presentation of Manni-Plex in Oleoforum

29 August 2017

Miguel Ángel Fernández and José Yáñez, Head of the Technical Department and BRANDT Product Manager, respectively, attended the II Oleoforum Congress, held in Córdoba, where they presented our Manni-Plex system, a pioneering technology to increase the olive size, production and fat yield of the olive grove, a crop of enormous importance for Spain and particularly for Andalusia, where it represents half of the irrigated area, with more than 1.5 million hectares.

Manni-Plex is specifically a micronutrient supply system whose uniqueness is that it is recognized as its own by the crop, allowing its immediate absorption and natural transport throughout the plant. Their results, according to the tests carried out, are an increase of up to 20% in production capacity and an increase of up to 10% in their fat yield. Another of its valuable characteristics is that this system contributes to eliminating stress in the crop, thus protecting the healthy state of the olive tree.

This innovation can therefore be of great value for Andalusian farmers dedicated to a crop such as the olive grove, with very tight water supplies. It will be especially important for Cordovan agriculture, with 350,000 hectares of olive groves and around 41,000 farms, hence the choice of this province as a framework for the presentation of this new formula.