Letter of support from BRANDT’s CEO to all employees

2 April 2020

Rick Brandt, CEO of our parent company, has sent this letter of support to all of the group’s employees worldwide, thanking them for their heroic behaviour at this time and stressing that they are essential to maintaining the world’s food supply.

“BRANDT team,

While the COVID-19 virus is changing our lives, I would like to take a moment to salute our BRANDT heroes. Across the company, BRANDT team members are working hard to ensure that our customers have products, our farmers are ready to plant, our employees continue to get paid… and the world has food on the table. You are all BRANDT heroes!

You’ll probably say that you’re just doing your job… nothing special. This is what you do every spring as we help farmers prepare for a successful growing season. But this year is different. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the people who are making extraordinary efforts, starting with health workers around the world, to keep us healthy, but also those of you who make sure we have food on the table. You are literally working to maintain the world’s food supply: a vital and critical job. Thank you.

Please take care of yourself and stay safe. In this world of competing news outlets, I encourage you to visit our website for the latest information through official government information pages, as we work together to keep each other safe. You can view them on the BRANDT home page or directly HERE.

Together we will get through this and we will become a stronger company and a stronger team. I am so proud that even at a time when more than 10 million Americans have filed for unemployment, BRANDT continues to offer full, ongoing employment. The BRANDT Coronavirus response team continues to meet every day to adjust our course going forward. Contact them, or me, if you have any questions. Communication and transparency are critical during this time.

Take care!”.