In the select club of producers with the necessary machinery for the amination of herbicides

22 July 2019

One of the great strengths of our company lies in its facilities and production technology. In fact, we have one of the most complete production and R&D centres in Europe for the design, development and manufacture of plant health and nutrition products.

One of our most unique facilities is our herbicide amination plant, which places us in the small group of phytosanitary producers with the necessary machinery to carry out this process.

The majority of companies in the sector purchase pre-aminated herbicides, which translates into a loss of competitiveness and full control over the production process through each of its stages, negatively impacting on the final product provided to the customer.

BRANDT Europe’s system is exclusive on the market, characterised by the presence of Specific Reactors for the thermochemical control of the production process.