Exports grow by 112% since 2018, strengthening the international position of our brand on the EMEA market

1 October 2020

Since our integration in BRANDT, besides increasing our technological muscle and enriching our commercial portfolio with higher value-added products, our company has significantly strengthened its presence on international markets. Our company, initially focused on the Iberian market (Spain and Portugal), has now become an organization with a clear international vocation and outlook, with a global focus on the EMEA market.

Our international efforts are now bearing their fruits. In 2020, international sales will represent almost a third of our turnover and will have grown by more than 112% since 2018. While in 2019 they rose by more than 60%, in 2020 they are expected to exceed 30% compared to 2019. Most of these foreign sales are also related to our specialty products, in many cases with the significant participation of our laboratory in their design and adaptation to specific European legislation.