Krypton is an organic liquid fertiliser that provides plants with the amino acids and peptides they need, allowing them to save the energy required for synthesis.  It has been formulated by enzymatic hydrolysis and is based on a balance between free amino acids and short-chain peptides that can be applied through the soil or leaves of the crop.  It is characterised for:  
  • Total solubility in water.   
  • Rapid absorption.     
  • A systemic translocation in the aerial parts of plants.  

Marketing Area: Spain

Packaging: 5 L, 20 L 

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  • Applications and use
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  • Nutritional Composition
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  • Improves initial vegetative development.
  • Favours the formation of a greater number of fertile flowers and, as a result, fruit setting.
  • Increases flesh development, resulting in a more intense fruit colour and increased production.
  • Reduces hydric stress and improves root growth during transplanting.
  • Disease prevention and treatment (viruses, fungi, nematodes).
  • Overcoming of physiological stress due to pesticide treatments.

Applications and use

By foliar application: 200-300 cc/hl of solution.

By root application: 2-4 l/ha.

Treatments can be repeated every 7-15 days until a dose of 15-20 l/ha is reached.

In the case of frost damage, increase the dose to 400 cc/hl.

Do not use on plum trees due to risk of phytotoxicity.

With the exception of olive trees, do not mix with cupric products without previous experience.

In greenhouses, and when mixed with sulphur and microelements, the lowest dose should be applied.

Red Fruits Foliar 200-300 cc/hl Transplanting, initial development, flowering, fruiting, saline stress or high temperatures, frost
Red Fruits Fertigation 15-20 l/ha over several treatment Transplanting, initial development, flowering, fruiting, saline stress or high temperatures, frost


  • Free Amino Acids (AA): 7%
  • Total Amino Acids: 40%

  • Total Nitrogen (N): 6.8% of which:
  • Organic Nitrogen (N): 6.5%

  • Organic Matter: 41.2%
  • Organic Carbon: 20.7%

Nutritional Composition

Amino Acids, Nitrogen (N)