Fertilizer BRANDT MPK


BRANDT® MPK is a a water-soluble PK fertilizer in which phosphorus and potassium are combined in a highly pure form. Its nitrogenfree composition is useful for balancing excess vegetation throughout the crop cycle.

Soluble fertilizer BRANDT WAY 20-20-20

BRANDT’s Way 20-20-20 + ME

BRANDT’S WAY 20-20-20 + ME is a water-soluble speciality with a balanced titre designed to support the crop during situations of maximum physiological and productive stress: pre-flowering, fruit set, fruit enlargement.

Water soluble fertilizer BRANDT WAY 10-52-8

BRANDT’s Way 10-52-8 + ME

BRANDT’S Way 10-52-8+ME is a water-soluble NPK made from high quality raw materials (phosphorus from monoammonium phosphate, potassium from potassium monophosphate and the most important chelated trace elements) that increase the potential of the root system and offer an exceptional starter effect in the post-transplanting and early stages of plant development.