BRANDT® Semele is a multipurpose liquid fertilizer for foliar and root nutrition with an additional natural action.

The product is a liquid solution that offers benefits for agricultural crops. It contains two mineral nutrients: phosphorus and potassium.

It dissolves well during the preparation of the solution in the tank and the foliar and aerial parts of the crops, as well as the root system. They absorb it quickly. Once in the plant, the active ingredients transfer quickly and eliminate any deficits, improve crop growth and development, increase its resistance to diseases, increase yield and improve crop quality.

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Benefits of the multipurpose fertilizer BRANDT® Semele

Using the multipurpose liquid fertilizer, BRANDT® Semele contributes to the following:

  • Deficits elimination
  • Better crop growth and development
  • Higher resistance to diseases
  • Better crop quality


Chard, Chicory, Avocado, Garlic, Garlic, Apricot, Artichoke, Alfalfa, Cotton, Almond, Celery, Blueberry, Rice, Hazelnut, Oats, Aubergine, Broccoli, Bulbs and fodder roots, Pumpkin, Lamb's lettuce, Persimmon, Chestnut, Barley, Onion, Rye, Cherry, Grass, Shallot, Custard apple, Plum, Carnation, Chinese cabbage, Brussels sprouts, Cauliflower, Rape, Endive, Asparagus, Spinach, Raspberry, Strawberry, Chickpea, Sunflower, Gramineae, Pomegranate, Gooseberry, Pea, Fava bean, Ornamental herb, Herbs, Fig, Prickly pear, Grain bean, Green bean, Kiwi, Lettuce, Fodder legumes, Ornamental woody, Lentil, Lime, Flax, Hops, Maize, Mandarin, Mango, Apple, Peach, Melon, Quince, Blackberry, Orange, Narcissus, Nectarine, Loquat, Walnut, Olive, Ornamental Palm, Papaya, Potato, Cucumber, Pear, Persimmon, Pepper, Pineapple, Pistachio, Banana, Grapefruit, Leek, Radish, Sugar beet, Beetroot, Cabbage, Salsify, Watermelon, Soy, Tobacco, Tomato, Wheat, Triticale, Grapevines, Carrot

Applications and use

It is recommended to apply the multipurpose liquid fertilizer during the critical phases of nutrition with phosphorus and potassium for both foliar and root fertilization of crops.

Crops Recommended dose for foliar fertilization
Agro 0.25− 1.0 l/ha
Fruit trees and berries 0.1– 0.4 l/ 100 l of water
Vegetables 0.1– 0.4 l/ 100 l of water
Hydroponics 0.1– 0.3 l/ 100 l of water
Ornamental 0.1– 0.3 l/ 100 l of water
Seedbeds 0.1– 0.3 l/ 100 l of water



Crops Recommended dose for foliar fertilization
Agro 2− 4 l/ha
Berries 2– 6 l/ha
Vegetables 2− 4 l/ha
Hydroponics 0.2− 0.75 l/ 1000 l of water
Ornamental 2− 4 l/ha
Seedbeds 0.25− 1 l/ha



Phosphorus (P2O5): 32.0%

Potassium (K2O): 23.0%

Nutritional Composition

Phosphorus and Potassium